Monday, April 22, 2013

Are you ready for the next Galaxy S4?

Last Friday when I was doing my gadget shopping in Digital mall, PJ. Suddenly, I heard a group of people singing and I saw this!
 A group of people singing and dancing!

Not only that, there were violins and cello playing music by them in digital mall! It was like a mini orchestra happening during the lunch hour in this gadget mall. 
They sang a few songs and I managed to snap a few photos when they performing. I was wondering, what issit about?
The answer is......
The GalaxyS4 is coming to town
Galaxy S4 is coming to Malaysia! :O
 Everyone is so excited! Me too!
I just can't wait for the arriving of Galaxy S4 in Malaysia!
The launch of the Galaxy S4  
 Look, I even joined them for a photo! ^-^
You can find out more about the Galaxy S4 at
I'll be heading to the nearest Samsung outlets to check out the new Galaxy S4!
How about you?


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