Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Green Treasure Hunt by Berjaya Starbucks Malaysia & Tourism Selangor @Hutan Lipur Kanching, Selangor

March 2013 was an exciting month for me. The 3 running/races and this Green Treasure Hunt organized by Berjaya Starbucks Malaysia & Tourism Selangor had completed the beautiful March 2013.

Hutan Lipur Kanching (Kanching Recreational Forest) is located in the Kanching Forest Reserve (Hutan Sinpang Kanching) and Lagong Forest Reserve (Hutan Simpan Lagong) which is part of the State Forest Park (Selangor State Heritage Park).
As usual, we took photo before exploring this beautiful forest for Green Treasure Hunt. With one of my teammate, Evelyn.
 Our team's name: "I Dunno" :D
I was told that this is Berjaya Starbucks Malaysia 3rd Global Month of Service (GMoS) - an annual initiative that is practiced at ALL Starbucks Worldwide throughout the month of April. During the Global Month of Service, Starbucks organizes on-going community service projects in which takes place simultaneously around the world
There were 500 participants joining this treasure consist of Starbucks partners (employees), business associates, customers, staff of Tourism Selangor, members of the media, and friends. All of us woke up early and were there to a fun activity as part of a community service project that addresses the local community needs.
 Spotted some participants came in creative "GREEN" outfits.
My team members: Evelyn and Kelvin
 The Green Treasure Hunt started with a warm-up session.
Let's take a group photo before flag off to this exciting, and educational outdoor excursion!
 Ready, Go!
All enthusiast participants were broken into groups of 4 and we quickly dispatched after flag off.
 The Green Treasure Hunt going ON! We have 5 checkpoints and about 10 questions/puzzle to solve.
 Beautiful waterfall with the enthusiast participants.
We not only hunt for the clues but we also picking up the trash in Hutan Lipur Kanching during the Green Treasure Hunt

In Hutan Lipur Kanching (Kanching Recreational Forest), Selangor.

 Me with Chamang Waterfall.
 It was not easy to walk up the hill to hunt for the clues. So, we decided to rest for a while and take more photos! ^-^
Participants @CheckPoint5.
 The 5 Checkpoints.
 Finally we completed the Green Treasure Hunt!
The trash collected by 500 participants during Green Treasure Hunt! Our team collected 4.1kg of trash while hunting for our clues.
 Yay, Starbucks time!
 We had the Nasi Ambeng & Starbucks drinks before the prize giving ceremony.

Congratulations to all the winning teams!
Prize giving was the highlight of the event!
All of us, the exhausted participants were agitated in excitement as prizes worth RM10,000 from Starbucks, Tourism Malaysia and a variety of sponsors were announced, some of which were holiday packages to Bali, return flight tickets to local island getaways, mobile phones, electrical kitchenware and 365 days of complimentary coffee.
I had so much fun during this Green Treasure Hunt! Thank you Berjaya Starbucks Malaysia & Tourism Selangor for this fun Green Treasure Hunt. This was my 1st time to Hutan Lipur Kanching and I'm planning to go back for the waterfall.

Tourism Selangor, 48000, Rawang, Selangor, 
Rawang Selangor Darul Ehsan  
03-5513 2000
 GPS Coordinate: 3.299641,101.619371


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