Friday, April 12, 2013

Insta Updates: EVE LOM Rescue Mask

My face needs at least twice deep cleansing treatments weekly to remove impurities for radiant complexion. Using deep cleansing mask weekly is a must for my weekly beauty regime. I was introduced to an award-winning complexion booster- EVE LOM Rescue Mask.

The EVE LOM Rescue Mask contains key ingredients such as:
-Cooling Camphor
-Ground Almonds

What the benefits of using this Rescue Mask? It helps to:
-remove impurities without drying skin
-reduce irritation and erupted conditions
-rescue puffy,morning after or jet lagged eyes ( I'm gonna share with you the tips for this in my coming blog post)

That's all for now as I'm gonna enjoy my masking session with EVE LOM Rescue Mask. Stay tuned for EVE LOM Rescue Mask review in my coming blog post.

EVE LOM Rescue Mask: RM185 (50ml) ; RM245 (100ml)


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