Thursday, October 11, 2012

Be Madly Free, Madly Kenzo Fragrance Launch

"Spread your wings and prepare to fly, For you have become a butterfly,Fly abandonedly into the sun, If you should return to me, We truly were meant to be, So spread your wings and fly, Butterfly......" radio was playing Mariah Carey's Butterfly while I was driving to The Gardens Café, The Curve for Madly Kenzo EDP & EDT press launch.
I have done my research online before attending this press launch. I know this launch event gonna be  in blue, purple, red, and pink plus some lovely and colourful butterflies.
Therefore, I wore my favorite floral pink dress.
Guest and media registration counter.
The colors of the set - up and decorations are in hues of blue, purple, red, and pink to reflect Madly Kenzo’s fragrance’s theme. The whole environment and feel of the event was a beautiful garden surrounded by pretty, colorful and lovely butterflies.
Miss Nadia Heng, Miss Malaysia World 2010, in a very beautiful purple dress that matches the theme of Madly Kenzo. She was the host for this press launch.
Local celebrities such as Deanna Ibrahim, Debbie Goh, Chermaine Poo and Lawrence Wong showed their support at the event.
 Chermaine Poo
 Lawrence Wong
 Nadia Heng, Deanna Ibrahim, Debbie Goh
The press event started off with Miss Nadia Heng introduced the fragrance, Madly Kenzo EDP & EDT.
Madly Kenzo is the fragrance of a woman :
  • who is madly free
  • a woman who defies conventions
  • and a woman who drives you crazy.  
 About the bottle design:
KENZO is delighted with its curved, generous lines evocative of the scent’s sensuality. On the pack, a myriad of butterflies surrounds the name Madly KENZO. Pink bottle for Eau de Toilette (EDT) and Purple bottle for Eau de Parfum (EDP).
1.) MADLY KENZO EDT Fragrance
  • The natural affinities between Aurélien Guichard and François Demachy enabled Kenzo to lend a sensual and sparkling variation to the MADLY KENZO trail. 
  • By grafting a pear and litchi accord to the lead, prolonged by a jasmine heart, they amplified the luminosity of this new fruity floral fragrance. 
Top notes: Pear and litchi
Heart: Heliotrope flower and jasmine
Base notes: Cedar and musks

Pricing: 80ml EDP Spray (RM 308) ; 50ml EDP Spray (RM 257) ; 30ml EDP Spray (RM 182)

 2.) MADLY KENZO EDP Fragrance

  • The fragrance has a strong personality, and an extremely sensual, distinctive trail. 
  • Its original structure does not fall into a classic three-tiered olfactory pyramid made of top-heart-base notes. 
  • It unfolds into a potent heart of Heliotrope flower, madly dosed and combined with three natural raw ingredients: orange blossom, Bulgarian rose and vanilla.
Colourful start: Orange Blossom, Pink pepper
Floral heart: Heliotrope flower, Incense, Bulgarian Rose
Sensual base: Vanilla, Cedar, Musk

Pricing: 80ml EDP Spray (RM 344) ; 50ml EDP Spray (RM 284) ; 30ml EDP Spray (RM 203) 
It was then followed by a video interview with creative director, Patrick Guedj. Madly Kenzo’s TV commercial was then introduced followed by the making of the TV commercial.
All the guests were being ushered to the fragrance discovery area and everyone has been given Madly Kenzo’s butterfly clip and blotter to discover the scent. 
Most of the media and guests are excited to find out the differences of EDP & EDT and given positive feedback to Nadia.
The most interesting moment is the Cupcake DIY session. Guests were invited to make their own Madly Kenzo Cupcake.
 The guests are allowed to bring home their customized cupcake after the event.
  Debbie making her own Madly Kenzo Cupcake.
 Nadia making her own Madly Kenzo Cupcake too after hosting the press event.
Well, I'm not that good in designing my  own Madly Kenzo Cupcake but it was fun!
Debbie posting with her own Madly Kenzo Cupcake.
With Jack.
With Nadia.

Madly Kenzo EDP & EDT are available at all leading departmental stores such as Parkson, Isetan, Metrojaya, Jusco, Sogo, Robinsons and Sephora.


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