Sunday, October 7, 2012

Product Review: My Beauty Diary 2-step Mask - Asia Brightening Pack 【亞洲潤白美肌雙膜組】

I have been using My Beauty Diary Mask, 我的美丽日记 for about two years plus. Their series, Japanese Cherry Blossom 日本吉野樱花面膜 and 白金保湿面膜(升级版) Platinum Nanocolloid Mask are my favourite masks. 
Today, I'm gonna share with you another new series of My Beauty Diary Mask, the 2-step mask pack.

The new 2-step mask pack comes with selected ingredients from five continents and they are:

1.)【亞洲潤白美肌雙膜組】Asia Brightening Pack
*best for dull skin & uneven skin tones
2.)【大洋洲水漾彈力雙膜組】Oceania Firming Pack
*best for fatigue skin
3.)【歐洲淨白無瑕雙膜組】Europe Clarifying Pack
*best for dull skin & darkening skin
4.)【美洲舒緩修護雙膜組】America Soothing Pack
*best for damaged, fragile & sensitive skin
5.)【非洲潤澤緊緻雙膜組】Africa Hydrating Pack   
*best dry skin  
Basically when we use this mask pack, it involves 2 steps: 

Step 1- Moisturizing Mask
Step 2- Cream
The 【亞洲潤白美肌雙膜組】Asia Brightening Pack comes is a nice light purple pack. 
Product description:
This is a 2 step mask pack with:
Step 1 - Job’s-tears Brightening Mask 
to promote white, clear and translucent skin from beneath, lightening dull and uneven skin tone, soothing sensitive skin and giving a glowing look ;
Step 2 - Wild Yam Hydra Cream 
to reduce fine lines, dryness and rough skin and regains bright and clear skin.  
This mask comes with clear instructions for users.
The top part of this mask is the Wild Yam Hydra Cream (to be used after Step 1: Job's-tears Brightening Mask) and the bottom part of this mask is the Job's-tears Brightening Mask.
In the process of opening the 【亞洲潤白美肌雙膜組】Asia Brightening Pack ~ Job’s-tears Brightening Mask.
This is a sheet mask and its size actually quite big. The mask size seems a little bigger than my other My Beauty Diary masks. I was expecting a lot of essence left in the pack when I take out the sheet mask, but it wasn't.
This mask has a pleasant smell and I kind of like it. This pleasant smell make me feel relaxing during my 20 minutes of masking session.
The texture for Wild Yam Hydra Cream is not too thick and it's not oily. I can easily apply this cream after Job’s-tears Brightening Mask (Step 1).
My forehead has some fine lines and these fine lines look less visible after the Step 1: Job’s-tears Brightening Mask. After applying the Wild Yam Hydra Cream, my skin looks brighter and feels hydrated! The lines on my forehead are almost invisible. This 【亞洲潤白美肌雙膜組】Asia Brightening Pack is a convenient mask pack for traveling because it comes with mask & cream. Furthermore, the 2-step mask pack pricing is affordable too! I'm sure all the My Beauty Diary loyal users would love to own and try out this new mask series. ^-^
Price: RM6.90/pc and you can purchase the 2-step mask pack @Watsons OR BeautyMall2u


Puteri Panda said...

I've tried America Soothing Pack last month. the cotton moisturizing emulsion too sticky but the result is very impressive! love it! ^___^

- Angie - said...

I just bought from Watsons. All 4 flavours except Mango (no idea why). They're having buy 3 free 1. :) Imma excited to try this tonight!

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