Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pesta Tanglung 1Malaysia Parade 2012 @Sunway Pyramid

Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival already over but I still can't get enough of the delicious mooncakes and the colourful "tanglung"' lanterns. This is my 2nd year joining Sunway Pyramid's Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. The RAYA Tanglung 1Malaysia Parade 2011 @Sunway Pyramid was my blogpost for last year's celebration. Marching into the Moonlit Night, Pesta Tanglung 1Malaysia Parade resounds the spirit of 1Malaysia.
At about 7pm, the crowd began to gather @Blue Entrance of Sunway Pyramid.
People from different cultural background and races came together to join this celebration.
One of the cute lantern that distributed to the people who joined the Pesta Tanglung 1Malaysia Parade. I got one too! ^-^

Submission counter for ‘Chai Deng Mi’ activity.
Our favourite Sunway Pyramid mascot and Sunway Pyramid staff.

Rows of red Chinese lanterns were lined on display with riddles in Chinese characters dangling for all to see in the ‘Chai Deng Mi’ activity. A loving couple was joining the ‘Chai Deng Mi’ activity.
I wanted to join the ‘Chai Deng Mi’ activity but it was too difficult. :(
School children from SJK (C) Chee Wen kick started the event by performing a few Chinese cultural dances, demonstrating how traditional culture is even treasured by the young.
Singing by another student from SJK (C) Chee Wen.
Welcome speech by Mr HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Pyramid.
“The Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates family reunion, and the Pesta Tanglung 1Malaysia Parade is akin to an extended family gathering. This is indeed a beautiful and uplifting portrait of racial harmony and national solidarity,” said HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Pyramid

The Pesta Tanglung 1Malaysia Parade, officiated by Senator Kohilan Pillay, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, is one of the highlights in Sunway Pyramid’s Mid-Autumn celebration, jointly organised by Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) and Sunway Pyramid
Following that, Senator Kohilan launched the Pesta Tanglung 1Malaysia Parade and led the parade with thousands of people following behind them.
1MalaysiaTanglung Carnival Parade begins!

Thousands of people walked around Sunway Pyramid while carrying the lanterns, appreciating the Sunway Resort City’s showlights with loved ones, family and friends.
Traditional costumes + colourful lanterns!
Wow, the Sunway Pyramid friendly's mascot, Leo the Lion also joining the1MalaysiaTanglung Carnival Parade!
There were lion dance and dragon dance too!
The Pesta Tanglung 1Malaysia Parade, made possible thanks to generous sponsors – Sunway Pyramid Ice, AEON, Paradise Inn and Kindori, is one of the highlighted activities held in conjunction with the Mid-Autumn celebration in Sunway Pyramid, themed Moonlit Reunion, running from 14 to 30 September 2012.
I had a great time @1MalaysiaTanglung Carnival Parade! Thank you Sunway Pyramid for the invitation!

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