Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Product Review: StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream

My journey to have more youthful radiance skin with less sun spots, dark spots and age spots has never stop! Well, I'm passionate and a little greedy when it comes to achieve youthful radiance skin! :)
Recently, the clinical anti-aging expert, launch of the NEW StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream.
The NEW StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream is the latest StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White products added to the successful launch of:
  1. StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum
  2. StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Spot Repair
  3. StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Day Lotion SPF 30.  

You can read about the Product Review: StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum HERE

Alright, back to the NEW StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream!

The NEW StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream comes in a jar of 50ml. As we all know, StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White is clinically proven to be 6x more effective than leading brightening actives alone in just 4 weeks, due to the proprietary accelerator, NIA-114™.   
What is Proprietary NIA-114™?
  • a patented form of vitamin B3 (Niacin)
  • Niacin, in the form of Nicotinic Acid targets the triggers that cause hyperpigmentation by normalizing the transfer of pigments, and rebuilding skin health so you can hold onto new radiance.
Basically this Proprietary NIA-114™ supplements skin's natural processes and boosts the effectiveness of brightening actives! 
I was told that and also stated in the info provided, if I use this NEW StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream together with StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White products, it can: 
  • minimize the appearance of dark spots and discolorations on my skin
  • complexion looks brighter, more radiant, more even-toned, more youthful! 
  • clinically proven to reduce the size of individual dark spots by 82% in 12 weeks, creating a 90% improvement in the overall appearance of facial melasma! 
Key Ingredients:
  • Proprietary NIA-114™
  • Natural Tyrosinase Inhibitors, Vitamin C and Synovea® Skin Brightener (hexylresorcinol), help to regulate melanin formation, which is the source of dark spots, sun spots and age spots.
  • Vitamin C (stable ascorbyl glucoside) diminishes melanin production, reduces existing melanin, stimulates collagen and acts as a strong antioxidant.
  • Willowbark Extract, a natural form of salicylic acid, generates cell turnover to shed pigmented cells and improve skin texture.
  • Betaine, from Sugar Beet, a natural skin softener, minimizes transepidermal water loss (TEWL) for an overall smoother, healthier-looking complexion.
  • Pomegranate Extract, a powerful antioxidant, aids in enhancing cell turnover.
The NEW StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream has rich and creamy texture.
When I look at it's rich and creamy texture, I was worry this night cream might not suitable for my combination oily skin. It's just too rich for my skin. Therefore, for every application at  night, I use approximately 1/2 the size of a Malaysia 5 cent coin for my whole face. In the evening, I remove my makeup, cleanse my face, apply toner, eye care, StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum and lastly the NEW StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream.
The night cream works well during my beauty sleep and I wake up with brighter, radiant and more supple skin! I can see the radiant and translucent effect on my skin in the next morning! I was amazed with it's effect! As I mention earlier, I'm kind of worry this rich and creamy night might not suitable for my skin. But I was wrong! The NEW StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream works well on my skin together with StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum !
The 1st and 2nd photos I took during my 14 days challenge for StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Booster Serum and the 3rd photo is my skin complexion after 4 weeks of usage.  
My skin look brighter, radian and supple.
Less visible on my brown spots.
Lighten my newly formed acne scars.

The NEW StriVectin-WH™ Photo-White Night Cream is non-comedogenic and paraben-free and retails at RM298/ 50ml.
Available at ISETAN The Gardens, METROJAYA Mid Valley, PARKSON 1 Utama, KLCC, Pavilion, Gurney Plaza and Sephora. 


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